Necklaces - Tiger's eye

Jewelry with a tiger's eye should bring happiness, joy and optimism, formerly it was believed that this stone is to protect against death and wounds during battle, today it decorates beautiful necklaces in our store.

Tiger's eye as a stone

It is an opaque mineral with a "cat's eye effect", it is one of the shimmering varieties of quartz, it is a fragile and delicate mineral. Tiger's eye has a wide range of applications, it is not only an attractive and popular collector's stone, but also has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of everyday objects, it is also a well-known and valued jewelery stone. Very often used for jewelery, also in our store, necklaces with this stone, with a cat's eye effect delight with shimmering views. This stone has strong healing properties, soothes allergy symptoms. , it sharpens eyesight, also has a good effect on the digestive system. achieving goals gives clarity of thought and strengthens willpower.

Necklaces with a tiger's eye

The gemstone, the tiger's eye, is usually golden, yellow or brown in color, and its hallmark is the characteristic twinkling stripes that can be seen in our necklaces. In the AnKa Jewelery store, we made sure that the quality of our jewelry is as high as possible, and the price remains affordable, the tiger eye necklaces in our store are the answer for those women who are looking for natural beauty. They are intended for all women because of their versatility and beauty, they will emphasize the feminine appearance, styling and beauty. In our store you will find various models of necklaces that will appeal to many demanding women, and you will be delighted with their beauty for years.

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