Necklaces - Topaz

Topaz is a rare and beautiful gemstone, necklaces with topaz are characterized by refinement, precision and attention to every detail, it is jewelry for many years, because topaz is highly resistant to damage.

Topaz as a unique gemstone

Topaz is a semi-precious stone found in acid igneous and contact rocks. It is a very valuable collector's stone, used mainly in jewelery, it is found in dense, granular, bar and stamen clusters. Topaz is a crystal clear, transparent, hard and heavy stone, named after "Topazois", the ancient Greek name for Saint John's Island in the Red Sea. Brazil is the largest producer of topazes.

It is characterized by a great richness of colors in nature, if it is contaminated with other metals, such as iron, chromium, vanadium or titanium. The most common, however, is colorless topaz, which is brittle, heated or irradiated to produce a variety of shades of blue. It is also used in the production of refractory and abrasive materials due to its hardness comparable to diamond. Already in antiquity, topaz was extremely valuable and sought after. Jewelry with topaz has a positive effect on spiritual development, helps to solve difficult matters and complicated problems. It is said to be a soothing stone that calms the temper, also helps to eliminate nightmares.

Necklaces with topaz in the AnKa Jewelry store

In our store you can find necklaces with this unique stone in the form of unusual jewelry that will be appreciated by the recipient, because it surprises with its uniqueness and uniqueness, its interesting appearance adds character to any styling. Necklaces with topaz in the AnKa jewelry store can also be found in a classic version, equally effective, fashionable and tasteful, they are an inseparable element of every styling. Our store offers jewelry suitable for women of all ages, it is a proposal for women who value quality and originality at the same time.

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