Onyx earrings

Earrings with onyx in the AnKa Jewelry store surprise with their diversity and health properties. The stone has been known for centuries, it symbolizes wisdom, independence and strength. It looks beautiful as a jewelery in gold and silver.

Jewelry with onyx - properties and importance

Onyx is referred to as a "stone of inner strength" because it supports its owner while performing difficult activities or tasks. It strengthens immunity, endurance, and psychophysical resistance. After physical exertion or stressful situations, onyx helps in regeneration. The stone is suitable for fast-living people, working under time pressure and for people who need help with focusing on details. It also teaches self-discipline and patience. It is believed that a person possessing onyx becomes the master of his fate. The stone gives you a sense of control over your life.

Onyx was well known in antiquity and it was already believed that the stone was helpful in the treatment of skin ailments, such as allergies or allergies. People prone to swelling after insect bites or idiopathic urticaria should have onyx earrings. The stone also helps with infected wounds (fungal infections, dermatitis, and even sunburn). It strengthens teeth and bones, regenerates the heart and kidneys, and helps with epilepsy. Besides, it has a good effect on eyesight and is used to treat glaucoma. This mineral supports the spine and the skeletal system, supports the reproductive system, and alleviates digestive system diseases.
Earrings with onyx at AnKa Jewelry store

Onyx looks great in jewelry, especially when placed in earrings, which make jewelry unusual.

The stone does not require special care. Water or the sun's rays are not an obstacle for him, he tolerates them well. In astronomical circles it is said that running water and Onyx are a method of expressing purification intentions, and the charging of the stone begins when it comes into contact with the sun's rays. It is definitely worth having jewelry such as onyx earrings.

Onyx is a stone known since antiquity. Its name in Greek means claw, related to its hardness and appearance.

Currently, women's earrings with this rare stone are very popular. Onyx is especially often decorated with silver earrings, where it contrasts beautifully with the cool shine of this precious metal. It also goes well with gold, creating a very classic combination. Earrings with onyx in our store are distinguished by elegance and modern design.