Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are the most beautiful decoration of every woman. Pearls have been known for a very long time, since ancient times. They are also of great importance in many cultures. In our AnKa Jewelry store, we have earrings with pearls in several versions. The choice of fastening, the number of pearls and the color of pearls is quite a wide choice.

Pearl earrings - the essence of pearls

Pearls add elegance and tastefulness to women's jewelry. Pearl earrings are chic and delicate. They fit almost every everyday styling, but also for celebrations that are important to us. The pearls used in jewelry are the product of clams. Most often they are grains of sand that surround the mussels, preventing foreign bodies from penetrating the shells. Thanks to this, beautiful shapes of pearls are created, with which we can decorate our body. The color of the pearl, its shape and its size depend on the species of mussels and the environment in which it lives.

Pearl earrings - elegant elegance

Pearls perfectly harmonize with silver. By deciding on such a combination, you will get full shine and effective emphasis of your femininity. Pearl earrings are perfect for elegant parties and more and more often they are chosen by future brides.

Pearl earrings perfectly match each outfit and bring out the beauty. In combination with a necklace, such a set will complement the evening outfit.

They are of great importance in many cultures. In China, pearls mean the highest purity and value, in India every bride must wear pearls at a wedding - as an element of clothing, and in Christianity, they mean a new beginning, renewal and are an attribute of Mary and a symbol of the Kingdom of God. In Mythology, pearls are associated with Aphrodite - the goddess of love.

In the AnKa Jewelry store you will find modern and classic forms of earrings with pearls. In different colors, fasteners and lengths. You will certainly find something for yourself, be a person close to you. Currently, earrings with pearls and jewelry with pearls in general are a great gift idea.