Pendants with amber

Real beauty is often hidden in small and inconspicuous objects. Are you looking for jewelry that will discreetly decorate your neck, giving the entire styling a unique charm? Be sure to stock up on amber pendants. This small gemstone, once dubbed "the gold of the north" or "the gold of the sea," has many

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fascinating secrets. It can be of various colors - from honey and yellow-orange to brown and gray. There is an enchanted history in amber in the form of insects, leaves, tree bark or air bubbles sunk centuries ago. Such jewelry will perfectly fit into any outfit, constituting its elegant complement. But it is not everything. You need to know that amber pendants are suitable not only for holidays, but also for everyday wear. All thanks to the health properties of sea stone. If you struggle with thyroid or respiratory diseases, amber necklaces are the perfect solution for you. Wear them every day and you will soon feel much better. You don't have to worry that regularly decorating your neck with them will detach the stone of its natural beauty and uniqueness. Jewelry is inexpensive, so you can stock up on several sets of amber pendants for all occasions.

The most beautiful amber pendants in our offer

We constantly supplement the assortment of the jewelry store we run with new decorations made of sea gold. The jewelry we sell comes exclusively from certified jewelers from Gdańsk and the surrounding area. Before being attached to a pendant, amber is ground and polished - all in order to bring out the natural beauty inside. The culmination of the entire stone processing process is its embedding in silver.
Amber pendants can take many shapes. Animal themes (e.g. cats, dogs, birds, horses) and plant (trees, flowers, fruits) are very popular. Our offer includes pendants with one stone. You can also order amber necklaces made to order.