Amethyst pendants

Amethyst pendants are certainly a complement to a woman's wardrobe. A unique stone that ranges in shades of purple from purple to light, very light heather. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find unique amethyst pendants, even for special occasions!

Amethyst pendants and its operation

Amethyst has the ability to remove negative energy, so we can boldly use it to clean the atmosphere of the home or office. When you put it under your pillow at bedtime, it will ensure a good night's sleep. According to ancient beliefs, it protects its owner from headaches, migraines, and bacterial and viral diseases. It has healing properties, has a particularly positive effect on the balance of people prone to stress, and brings peace. It strongly strengthens intuition and protects the owner from diseases and misfortunes. Having an amethyst pendant, it will positively influence our hormones, stomach, heart and blood. An interesting fact about amethyst is the fact that at high temperature it loses its color and becomes colorless, increasing the temperature to about 500 ° C it becomes a yellow-lemon (lemon) amethyst, when the temperature reaches 600 ° C, the amethyst loses its color again Colour.

Amethyst pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

A semi-precious mineral - amethyst, adored by jewelers, is a perfect addition to women's jewelry. This unique stone is perfect for women from the zodiac sign of Aquarius, fish, Sagittarius, Aries and twins. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find the best quality amethyst pendants that will beautifully decorate your neck. The pendants are made of the highest quality metals and real amethyst, thanks to which they will attract the eye of every person, and give you a sense of femininity and add class. A wide selection of amethyst pendants allows you to choose the right one for you, your outfit or for a special exit. Amethyst looks especially good with the presence of gold and black. Amethyst pendants are perfect for a gift and for special occasions.

Amethyst is a mineral that is a variety of quartz. It is distinguished by an interesting purple color, which is due to the presence of iron and radioactive radiation. Amethyst pendants perfectly highlight any eye color and blend in with various types of beauty. They look great both in silver and gold, as well as in combination with other stones. Amethyst pendants have both modern and vintage charm.