Pendants with chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is an unpopular stone, but this stone deserves special attention due to its properties. It looks beautiful when used in jewelry, incl. in pendants with chrysocolla in our AnKa Jewelry store.

Chrysocolla in jewelry

Chrysocolla is great for creating jewelry, which is influenced by its variety of colors. It is also recommended by lithotherapists who emphasize its effectiveness in the fight against physical and mental ailments. The stone works especially in the case of hormonal disorders. It helps in inflammation of the skin, keeping it healthy. It is recommended for people suffering from cardiac disorders, intestinal ailments or liver disorders. Lithotherapists especially pay attention to its effectiveness in preventing graying hair. Chrysocolla is helpful in the treatment of neurosis and helps to achieve emotional balance. For this reason, the stone is recommended for people struggling with constant stress or having problems with concentration. According to lithotherapy, it is effective in soothing anxiety and helping to fight guilt. A pendant with a chrysocolla, as an amulet, will be the most suitable for people from the sign of Virgo and Taurus.

Chrysocolla pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

Chrysocolla pendants in our AnKa Jewelry store delight with a variety of colors. Chrysocolla is most often found in the following colors: blue, green or blue-green, in various colors. Black or brown stones are slightly less common. The blue-green tones of chrysocolla necklaces look beautiful in a gold and silver setting, which allows you to create many jewelery products.

The unique chrysocolla stone combines a masterful appearance with healing properties. It is worth wearing a chrysocolla necklace directly adjacent to the body. Blue and green stones are great for emphasizing the natural beauty of people with blue eyes. They look unique in every outfit and are suitable for any occasion.