Pendants with coral

Coral pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store are distinguished by their uniqueness and original design. Coral is a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds charm.

Coral in jewelry

The coral is formed when a piece of coral is cut. Referred to as "ocean trees" - marine organisms that form the form of polyps. They live as forms of atolls, reefs, and shoals. Coral can be processed by cutting into an oval, ball or other irregular shapes. Their color is red, blue, pink, black or white. They are associated with summer and the sea. The fished corals must first be cleaned of soft tissue and then polished. They are naturally matte with light pink or white spots.

Jewelery, ie coral pendants, should be kept away from hot water, high temperature, acids and chemicals. Unfortunately, the coral loses its color and its characteristic glow over time. To restore its gloss and color, dip it in oxidized water, and then gently rub its surface with polishing red.

Coral pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with red coral has been known since antiquity. It is also called the stone of optimism. It helps to achieve emotional balance and is also helpful in meditation. It symbolizes wealth as well as high social status. A coral pendant can serve as a protective amulet against evil spirits as well as temptations. Coral has stress-reducing properties and the power that gives its owner modesty and wisdom. It prevents fatigue and helps in developing imagination and intuition.

Coral was once used crushed in throat diseases. Today it is believed that it can help improve fertility in women and regulate the menstrual cycle. Corals have a positive effect on bone strengthening, the circulatory system and tissue regeneration. They also support the removal of excess cholesterol from the circulatory system. They are a traditional gift for pregnant women as a protective amulet. Therefore, a pendant with beads will be suitable as a gift for a loved one.