Pendants with glass

Murano glass pendants in the AnKa Jewelery store are a unique jewelry decoration. Beautiful colors and unique patterns that are available in the assortment make you surely choose the right pendant for yourself or a loved one.

Murano glass - unique beauty

Murano glass is a product that comes from the island of Murano. The technique of glass production appeared there over a thousand years ago and is constantly being refined. The production of Murano glass requires both secret knowledge and precision and the experience of a craftsman. So it's not surprising that these products are recognized all over the world.

Murano glass is unforgettable. The unique transparency of the glass, the absence of any streaks and unique colors are her hallmarks.

Glass jewelry became readily available when copper tape was first used as a mold for making jewelry in the 1960s. It was thanks to this patent that it was possible to start producing more pendants with glass or other jewelry. The fact is that no two jewelry models made of Murano glass are the same.

Glass pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

Murano glass jewelry such as glass pendants are the right proposition for people who value originality. The varieties of glass framed in silver or gold will perfectly complement any outfit - from casual classic everyday styling, through a dress, to a little black dress for an evening out.

Jewelry has always been a great gift. We can give it to any woman regardless of age. Glass pendants are suitable for both teenage girls and mature women. A gift from a man for a beloved woman and an interesting gift for a loved one.

In our AnKa Jewelry store you will find many interesting and unique propositions such as Murano glass pendants. This is a very interesting proposition, because the glass changes its colors depending on the angle of the light or the color of the garment on which the pendant or other jewelry is placed. Originals and beautiful pendants with glass are the best way to enjoy phenomenal styling and emphasize your beauty.