Pendants with jewelery stones

You can find pendants with jewelery stones in our AnKa Jewelery store in various designs and colors. They are perfect as everyday jewelry, but also for larger events. Original models make them a very good gift idea. Jewelery stones, even though they are processed, are classified as natural stones.

Jewelery stones - emerald

A green mineral that shimmers beautifully with its glow on an emerald pendant. This stone symbolizes action, thinking and regeneration of the body. The owner of the emerald will be protected by him and pleased. It was believed that its owner would never experience betrayal and that his love would flourish. The stone is suitable for people of Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer.

Jewelery stones - opal

Opal is one of the most expensive and precious gemstones thanks to its unique colors. There are: milky, blue, fire, peacock, green, golden and pink. Opal is considered the stone of prophecy and prediction. It has the power to balance emotions, bring out inner beauty and bring you happy, positive dreams. Necklaces with a jewelry stone - opal as a talisman are most suitable for Libra, Scorpions, Virgo, Cancer and Gemini. These unique stones are especially attributed to people born in May.

Jewelery stones - marcasite

Marasite is a stone that helps with honesty and open communication with others. It has properties that improve concentration, memory, and sharpen the senses. The owner of this stone can see himself from a distance, which can change his undesirable character traits. A pendant with this gemstone can bring effects to the workplace.

Jewelery stones in AnKa Jewelery

Pendants with jewelery stones in our AnKa Jewelery store are extremely aesthetic and original. Perfect as an original and effective gift for a loved one. The assortment includes unique models of pendants with jewelery stones, which will delight with their unique color.