Pendants with marcasite

The marcasite pendants in our AnKa Jewelery store amaze with the beauty and shine of the stone. The assortment includes models in a more subtle version, and for special occasions. Marasite is a unique stone because of its properties.

Marquite in jewelry

The name "marcasite" comes from the Arabic word "pyrite". This stone is a unique and appreciated mineral used in jewelery since ancient times. The pyrite from which marcasites are made is shiny and has a metallic sheen. The features of this stone are: durability, resistance to scratches and abrasions.

The stone has powers to increase mental clarity and to aid memory. It also has stress, frustration and anxiety relief properties. A marcasite pendant will help its owner to see himself from a greater distance, and to notice unwanted character traits and then correct them.

Pendants with marcasite in the AnKa Jewelry store

Marasite has properties that help regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce pain during menstruation. The stone is applied directly to the body to relieve fever. The stone also helps with digestive problems, increases the oxygen supply to the blood, thanks to which the entire circulatory system works better. It has a special effect on the lungs, cleans them from the effects of smoking and helps with viral and bacterial diseases. A marcasite pendant can certainly be a good talisman for everyone.

The marcasite pendants in our AnKa Jewelry store are made of the highest quality metals and real marcasite, which makes them stand out from the crowd. This jewelry will provide the owner with a sense of femininity and class.

Marcasite pendants must not come into contact with water, which should be remembered when taking a bath or swimming pool. It is best to keep them in a separate box without contact with other stones, rolled up in a soft cloth. You should clean jewelery with this stone only with a velvety, dry or slightly damp cloth, gently rubbing it.

Marcasite pendants can be both exceptionally spectacular jewelry and your own amulet. They are also an ideal gift for a loved one.