Pendants with onyx

Onyx pendants in the AnKa Jewelery store are a beautiful jewelry decoration. They beautifully decorate the neckline and complement each outfit. The stone is an ideal talisman, and also looks great in jewelry.

Onyx - a stone of happiness

The name onyx comes from the Greek word "onux", meaning a claw, claw or nail. There is a Greek legend that says that onyx is Aphrodite's nails turned to stone according to the belief that not a single part of the divine body can be destroyed.

The traditional term for onyx is Arabic onyx, also known as black onyx or chalcedony onyx. It is characterized by a parallel arrangement of layers, usually black in color or with streaks of other shades and shiny gloss.

Onyx symbolizes strength and power. Having a stone, even in the form of a pendant with onyx, helps in carrying out difficult tasks and making difficult decisions. It adds determination, courage and persistence. The stone has properties that calm emotions, relieve stress, and regenerate physical and mental strength. It is suitable for people who struggle with stressful situations, as well as for athletes and students. It helps in concentration, teaches patience and self-discipline.

Onyx pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

Onyx pendants and other jewelry are recommended to be worn as a talisman. The stone can protect against the attack of bad energy, it has the power to absorb it and transform it into positive energy. The stone also protects its owner from committing bad deeds, as well as from negative thoughts. The stone is helpful in case of allergies, insect bites, infections, and supports the skeletal and reproductive systems. For these reasons, a pendant with an onyx can be an ideal talisman to carry with you.

In astrology, onyx belongs to the sign of Capricorn.

Onyx does not require special care. It tolerates the company of water and sunlight well. However, in order for the stone to retain its properties, it must be discharged from negative energy once a month under running lukewarm water.

Onyx pendants are a type of jewelry that perfectly suits both everyday styling and elegant evening outings.