Pendants with opal

Opal pendants in the AnKa Bizuteria store are unique and distinctive jewelry. A very wide selection of them means that you will surely find something appropriate for you or a gift for a loved one.

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Opal - an amulet of good luck

Opal is a stone that helps to develop creativity and imagination. It improves memory, and helps with concentration. As an opal pendant it helps in communication and relieves inhibitions. It was once believed that a stone made it possible to be invisible at times when it was not wanted. The stone provides positive, joyful dreams, balances emotions and brings out inner beauty. It allows you to maintain emotional and physical balance. Opal jewelry fosters love, friendship, fidelity and creativity. That is why opal pendants are recommended as an amulet.

Opal fascinates with its subtlety and harmony of colors. For centuries, opal has been called "the father of all stones". Opal pendants are beautiful jewelry that cannot be ignored. The spectacular play of colors on the surface of the stone will delight every lover of subtle aesthetics. In our AnKa Jewelry store you will find elegant and spectacular opal pendants.

Opal pendants in the AnKa Jewelry Store

Opal is dedicated to people born in February, it is also a stone for the fourteenth wedding anniversary. He brings good luck to the zodiacal Libra. It is also recommended for Capricorns.

Opals used to be used in the past to create magic potions that were to heal the body and get rid of nightmares. The stone is known for the fact that it increases the strength to life and adds energy. It is also helpful in eye diseases and restoring visual acuity.

An opal pendant, as an amulet, can help to close certain stages in life. It allows a rational view of events that happened in the past.

You should take care of the opal, avoid any scratches and scratches. Due to the large amount of water in the opal, it should be stored in a not completely dry place. And if they were exposed to drying out, soak them in water for two hours. In case of doubt, the opal pendants are best taken to a jeweler.