Pendants - Pearls

Pendants with pearls are a beautiful timeless decoration of a woman's neckline. This unusual type of jewelry is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Pearls are always fashionable, so if you buy a pearl pendant in our AnKa Jewelry store, you will certainly be able to wear it with pride and class in a few seasons.

A natural ornament worth taking care of

The creation of a pearl is very interesting, but also natural. Clams living in warm seas defend themselves against the penetration of a foreign body - mother of pearl. When an undesirable element gets inside the pearl, the mussel surrounds it with mother of pearl for years, and this is how beautiful, natural and varied pearls are created.

An interesting fact is that pearls can have different colors. Ranging from white, salmon to blue, green or black.

Many factors contribute to the aging of pearls, including perfumes, sweat, hairspray or cosmetics. It's worth putting on pearls 30 minutes after applying makeup and styling your hairstyle. After removing the pearl pendant, you can additionally wipe them very gently with a dry cloth.

The pearl must be protected against scratching. It is characterized by medium hardness, so it is worth keeping pendants with pearls in a very soft base in a box, a soft bag or a chest with a velvet-lined material.

Pearl pendants as universal jewelry

Pearls go with everything, with any outfit and for any occasion. Pearl earrings can be a perfect complement to a pearl pendant. Every woman should have pearls in her jewelry, because they add luxury and elegance. Over the years they have been worn differently. Were pearls in the shape of long strings worn with dresses, or served as an accessory to a little black dress. In either case, they looked amazing.

Pearl pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

At AnKa Jewelery we offer both simple pendants with pearls and more sophisticated models. A combination of a pearl with a pendant may be an ideal gift, as it looks very elegant. Only before buying, we have to think about how the person for whom we buy such a gift will wear it.