Pomegranate pendants

Pomegranates are stones of great variety. Their color in jewelry impresses with various shades of red. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find pomegranate pendants in various colors and patterns.

Garnet in jewelry

Pomegranate is a stone intended for people who were born in January, it is also traditionally a gift for the second wedding anniversary. In ancient times, pomegranates were considered magic stones. Due to their deep red color, they are associated with love, passion and life energy. These stones are designed to protect their owner from enemies and enhance the imagination. For this reason, garnet pendants are a good solution, as they can act as a talisman. Pomegranate also affects health by protecting the circulatory system and positively influencing the functioning of the heart. It supports memory, body immunity, and better digestibility of nutrients.

Jewelery with pomegranate, i.e. pomegranate pendants, should not be cleaned in hot water, they can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth. Stone, and also not expose the stone to steam hammering. Pomegranate is quite a fragile mineral, so it is best to keep jewelery with this stone in a separate bag or box.

Pomegranate pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with pomegranate beautifully distinguishes with fair skin, and also emphasizes the beauty of a woman. The stone completes the uniqueness of garnet jewelery with a fiery sparkle.

Pomegranate pendants perfectly match any occasion, they look beautiful on a woman's neckline, adding class and femininity. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find navy blue in both a darker shade and a slightly lighter shade. By choosing a pomegranate pendant, you will certainly gain a timeless ornament that will stay with you for years. Their models come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Thanks to the large assortment, you will surely find something suitable for you or a gift for a loved one. Jewelry with garnet is a type of jewelry that looks great both for everyday and evening outfits.