Pendants - Tiffany

Tiffany pendants are elegant and distinctive jewelry. Appreciated in jewelry, the rare Tiffany stone is a unique accessory to jewelry, you will not find such jewelry in stationary jewelry stores. In our assortment you will find interesting jewelry proposals with this stone that delight with their uniqueness.

Tiffany origin and properties of the stone

Tiffany jet stone is a rare beryllium ore, the main components of which are fluorite and opal with various admixtures of calcite, dolomite, quartz, chalcedony, bertrandite and possibly other minerals. So far, only one place of this unusual stone is known worldwide. This rare mineral can only be found in the USA, the stone is used exclusively for jewelery, and smooth cuts (e.g. cabochon cut) are used to accentuate the colors and natural patterns in the interior of the Tiffany stones. The color of the Tiffany stone is purple, interspersed with white, pastel yellow and pink areas, another characteristic of Tiffany is dark brown or black grains, dendrites or branches that can be attributed to manganese oxides. Although classified as a stone, its unique blend of colors, beautiful swirling patterns and rarity have made it highly desirable for jewelery and decorative purposes.

Tiffany pendants at AnKa Jewelry store

Due to the price, the uniqueness of the stone and the rarity of its occurrence, Tiffany stone usually occurs in the form of cabochons, without losing much material during processing. In our store, Tiffany pendants are characteristic jewelry with expressive shapes, such jewelry will attract the attention of many people. Tiffany impresses with its colors, it is an unusual timeless jewelry that will take your breath away. In the AnKa Jewelery store, pendants with this rare, beautiful stone of amazing color are characterized by their size and classic form. Tiffany can only be found in one place in the world, which makes it hard to come by and its price is relatively high. In our store, we made sure that the quality of pendants with this natural stone was at the highest level, and the price remained affordable. Each pendant in our Tiffany stone store is unique, because each natural stone will be different, it is a "coincidence" of nature, with unique aesthetic qualities. A large selection of Tiffany pendants allows you to find the perfect one for your outfit be for a special occasion, they will also be a great gift idea and for special occasions.

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