Pendants with a tiger's eye

Tiger's eye pendants are very attractive jewelry. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find an interesting proposition for yourself or a loved one. This stone is a perfect gift idea because of its properties.

Tiger's eye - symbolism

The Tiger's Eye is a stone that symbolizes happiness and joy, has the ability to bring abundance and success. It is also referred to as an amulet that protects against spells and spells while traveling. evil eye. A pendant with a tiger's eye is a good amulet.

The tiger's eye stone is a mineral that got its name both thanks to its color and its effective flickering in sunlight. A ray of light reflected on the black strip of stone clearly resembles the flash of the pupil of a real animal. The "cat's eye effect" is due to the oxidized minerals from the ambifol group. It is formed by decomposition of blue crocidolite quartz. The remaining amounts of brown iron oxide give the tiger's eye its unusual brown tint. Necklaces with a tiger's eye look beautiful on a woman's neckline.

Tiger's eye - healing properties

The tiger's eye stone warms the body, helping to cure flu or a cold. The stone also helps to improve eyesight. In lithotherapy it is referred to as an allergy stone because it soothes allergy symptoms and inflammation of the respiratory tract. A pendant with a tiger stone is a good amulet due to the fact that this stone also affects: stress, nerves, stomach ailments, it helps with concentration and orientation. It supports the digestive system, the nervous system, and has energy properties that help maintain the balance of Yin and Yang energy.

Tiger's eye pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

The pendants with a tiger's eye look great and attract attention. Thanks to the characteristic flash, i.e. the cat's eye effect mentioned above. This kind of unusual jewelry will decorate any woman. This stone is especially recommended for zodiac signs such as Taurus, Leo and Gemini.

As for tiger eye cleaning, it should be done carefully with running water. Keep it away from the radio and TV set due to the disturbance of its positive energy.