Pendants with tourmaline

Tourmaline pendants are elegant and subtle jewelry. The rare mineral tourmaline, appreciated in jewelry, is a unique addition to jewelry. In our assortment you will find interesting jewelry suggestions with this stone.

Tourmaline - the meaning of the stone

Tourmaline is responsible for friendship, wealth and love. It attracts real friendships and inspirations, and also helps to communicate. It has the power to reduce fever and soothe burns. Helps with colds, respiratory ailments and dizziness. The stone protects against negative energy, selfishness, jealousy and distrust. Tourmaline teaches patience, dispels fears and helps you fall asleep. In the past, it was hung around the neck of young children learning to walk. The stone is recommended to Libra, Scorpio and also to Capricorns. A pendant with tourmaline works perfectly as a talisman.

Tourmalines were already known in ancient times, they did not reach trade in Europe until the 18th century, brought from Ceylon. It is said that tourmaline sends its possessor health and strengthening the body. The energy of tourmaline destroys harmful substances, turning them into harmless. Tourmalines eliminate bacteria from the environment, cleanse the skin and the air. Pink tourmaline symbolizes love, peace and joy. A pendant with tourmaline is a good idea as a gift for a loved one.

Tourmaline pendants in the AnKa Jewelry store

Tourmaline impresses with its colors. Not a single gemstone has so many colors. The color of tourmaline is: pink, red (rubellite), green, yellow, purple (siberite), blue (indigolite), brown (dravite), black (sherl, also known as scoryl) or colorless (achroite). There are also two-color tourmalines - unevenly colored. Jewelry such as pendants with tourmaline surprise with exceptional delicacy and subtle elegance, because these stones have a delicate refraction of light.

Tourmaline pendants should not be kept together with other stones, it is best to store separately in a delicate bag. Hematite and amethyst discharge the stone. In order to charge it, the stone should be exposed to the sun's rays. Clean under lukewarm running water.