Pendants with mother of pearl

Pendants with mother of pearl in our AnKa Jewelry store are popular due to the originality and properties of mother of pearl. It is a proposition on a daily basis and as a complement to an evening outfit.

Mother of pearl in jewelry

Mother of pearl was once very eagerly used in jewelry, later somewhat forgotten, nowadays jewelry is more and more often decorated with it. It looks perfect on simple, minimalist patterns in the company of silver or gold. Larger forms of pendants with mother of pearl or other jewelry definitely stand out from other models.

The mother-of-pearl (uterus) is the inner layer of the shells of individual species of mussels. It has a unique look and shine thanks to colorful pearl layers. For this reason, jewelry decorated with it gives an amazing effect. It is universal and timeless.

Mother of pearl - properties

The microelements and amino acids contained in the mother of pearl strengthen the skin and regulate the metabolism of skin cells, tone it up and contribute to its regeneration and rejuvenation. They also brighten the complexion. Supposedly, during the time of Cleopatra, pearls were dissolved in vinegar and used for the queen's beauty care. Mother of pearl prevents the formation of free radicals - protects the skin against the harmful effects of rays.

The properties of mother of pearl have a positive effect on the skin. They contribute to the healing of wounds, help in the treatment of acne, firms the skin and improves skin tone. Pendants with mother of pearl will be perfect for people struggling with skin problems.

Pendants with a pearl belt in the AnKa Jewelry store

Thanks to its iridescence, mother of pearl looks great when used in pendants with mother of pearl. An egg addition to a wedding dress will also be perfect, a delicate shine, bright, cream color will emphasize the grace and beauty of the bride.

A mother-of-pearl pendant is also a very good idea as a gift, as mother-of-pearl has properties that stimulate feelings, intuition and mind. It strengthens nails and hair and is helpful in detoxifying the body. It is perfect as an amulet to protect against electromagnetic radiation of home appliances.