Rings - Amethyst

Amethyst is a valued stone in jewelry, it comes in various shades of purple, in the AnKa Jewelry store you will find beautiful rings with this stunning stone.

Amethyst as a symbol of power

Amethyst was known and valued already in antiquity, it is a unique decorative stone, it is a variety of quartz with a violet, purple or purple purple color. The stone is especially appreciated in jewelry in a transparent, dark purple form, but also comes in other colors. Amethyst owes its name to a color similar to wine or from the Greek word "amethustos" meaning "sober". Violet amethyst has represented power and strength for centuries, carved, cut amethyst stones were used by the Egyptians as far back as 4000 BC. The purple color of the amethyst represented the royal power, to this day it plays an important role and occupies a prominent place in the British crown jewels. Amethyst also plays an important place in Christianity, where it is known as the "bishops' stone", it is the amethyst that is embedded in the papal ring, which is why it is so desirable in rings.

Rings with amethyst in the AnKa Jewelery store

Amethyst rings in the AnKa Jewelery store captivate with their versatility, purple or green amethyst is a natural stone that will help create eye-catching accessories for any styling. Amethyst works well in various jewelry products, because it captivates with its transparent, warm and intense violet color. In our store you can find rings with a classic form and a timeless character, they can be worn both every day, because with their simple patterns, they are light and comfortable to use. Rings in the AnKa Jewelery store are the best solution for all women looking for classic, modest but stylish jewelry.

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