Rings - Aquamarine

Aquamarine rings attract with their cool, blue shade. Regardless of the choice of metal, this unique stone will be a unique decoration on every woman's hand.

Aquamarine rings - cool elegance

Its name comes from the two Latin words aqua marinus and means "sea water", which refers to its greenish-blue color. Aquamarine is known for its miraculous clarity which gives it a dazzling appearance. Beautiful and always so elegant, cool and calming aquamarine is the stone of those born in March. Aquamarine is a gemstone that is hard and very durable, as most rare gemstones are ideal for jewelry products including such popular rings. Aquamarine varies in color from light blue to deep blue, with the latter being more desirable. It is believed that aquamarine, mined in several places around the world, brings health and happiness to the wearer, therefore aquamarine rings are an ornament that should not be missing in your jewelry box.

Aquamarine rings in the AnKa Jewelry store

The cool, blue shade of aquamarine has attracted the attention of many fashion lovers, in our store you can find rings with this beautiful gemstone, which will be a great addition to the wardrobe of every woman who values ​​luxury. Aquamarine rings have unmatched brilliance and shine, deciding on such an ornament, you are guaranteed durability and beauty for a long time. Precious metals such as silver, pink and yellow gold, as well as stainless steel, combined with shiny aquamarine, make the rings a tasteful decoration and unique jewelry for any occasion. The shades of aquamarine color are subtle and varied, you can find a different shade in each ring, this stone glistens even in low light, its delicate and calming blue suits every style, as well as a person, regardless of age or taste. An aquamarine ring can be a subtle decoration that will be a dot over and in your outfit, check out our great collection of aquamarine rings, from classic to modern, and choose a ring for yourself or a loved one that will complete any outfit. The rings from our store are packed in a perfect gift box, check our offer and fall in love with our rings today.

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