Rings - Coral

Rings are a special type of jewelry, adored by women all over the world, in the AnKa Jewelery store every woman will find a ring for herself, emphasizing her personality or accentuating sophisticated taste.

The importance of coral stones in jewelry

Corals are of organic origin, they are coral skeletons, most of them form reefs, atolls and shoals with densely branched trunks, these skeletons, produced by polyps, are used as jewelry material. The name of the coral comes from the Latin name of marine organisms inhabiting the seas of the warm and hot zones, in the raw state the corals are matte, after polishing they give a glassy shine.

Precious coral is most sought after as a decorative target, particularly in jewelry. It has the most vivid red color. In nature, there are also white, pink, and white with pink spots. Women chose coral jewelry because it was believed that it strengthens lovers' passion, attractiveness and success in finding new loves. In Poland, coral is often associated with folk jewelry.

Rings with coral in the AnKa Jewelry store

Coral rings in the AnKa Jewelery store are decorated with a variety of stones, have many valuable properties, not only perfectly accentuate selected styles, but also blend in with other accessories, creating an original whole. Coral rings from our store are unique and timeless, every woman will be delighted with their simple workmanship, and at the same time the effect they create. Fine coral in jewelry will be more refined, it gives subtlety and elegance to our jewelry, it will suit many occasions, to any styling.

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