Rings - Garnet

Rings with garnet are original jewelry in the AnKa Jewelry store, with an original style, traditional character, which lovers of classic solutions will surely like.

Garnet stone and its various colors

Pomegranate is a precious stone from the group of silicates with a different chemical composition that generates various shades of color, as decorative stones they are valued in their natural shades, therefore, unlike other colored minerals, no treatments are applied to change their color.

The name of the pomegranate comes from the Latin word "granatus", meaning pomegranate, pomegranate (similar to the grain of pomegranate), they are island silicates. The color of pomegranates varies, from brown, red, through yellow, green, black, etc. blue garnet, and sometimes even colorless garnet. The most desirable, however, are red, maroon garnet, which may resemble rubies, which are very often used in jewelry. which allows you to make accessories that meet individual expectations, it is an original ornament for women who value unique jewelry.

Rings with garnet in the AnKa Jewelry store

Rings with garnet in the AnKa Jewelry store are an effective and elegant accessory that is worth having in your collection, because jewelry with precious stones returns to favor. Garnet rings in our store will delight many women who prefer to put on expressive ornaments on their hands. The combination of garnet and silver will arouse admiration, adding elegance and good taste to any outfit, such jewelry is timeless. Rings with garnet will appeal to the most demanding amateurs of original accessories in the form of stones, because it is the answer for those ladies with the most exorbitant expectations, who crave effective and impressive jewelry.

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