Rings - Jewelry stone

Rings with jewelery stones are a unique ornament for every woman, made with the utmost care. Rings with an ulexite or a pearl are an original gift for a loved one, they are elegant and classy.

Jewelery stones - uleksite

It is a very rare mineral, it is obtained from the bottoms of salt lakes, it can be found in very dry climates, especially in deserts. Ulexite very rarely forms plate-like crystals. It occurs in fibrous, radial, kidney-shaped and bulbous clusters, forms crusts, is brittle and transparent.

Pearl jewelery stones

In jewelry, pearls are a "natural product of organic origin", they are created in the shell of pearl mollusks or other mollusks. Pearls are most often formed as a result of the organism on a foreign body that got into the shell. Pearls can be divided into two types: natural pearls - made without human participation in seas and freshwater, these are saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls as well as cultured pearls - cultured with human participation, they are also a natural product, we also divide them into freshwater and saltwater.

Jewelery stones in rings in the AnKa Jewelery store

Our rings with jewelery stones are very popular, modern forms in a classic edition combined with the highest quality metal, i.e. 925 silver, are an indispensable element of every woman who values ​​quality and elegance above all else. Jewelery in the AnKa Jewelery store is characterized by elegance, class and timelessness, the rings will emphasize the subtlety and beauty of every woman, regardless of age. Carefully selected jewelry will add class and perfectly complete any outfit, and properly selected accessories will add self-confidence and attractiveness.

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