Rings - Lapis lazuli

Rings from Lapis Lazuli are extremely tasteful and elegant jewelry. Lapis Lazuli in the AnKa Jewelry store is a proposal for the most demanding women, it combines classics, color depth and extraordinary properties.

Lapis Lazuli stone and its properties

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock, formed as a result of the transformations of limestones and dolomites under the influence of granite, syenite or pegmatite infusion. Its main ingredient is lapis lazuli, a mineral from the cluster of silicates. The name Lapis Lazuli comes from the Latin "lapis" - stone and the Arabic "azul" and Persian "lazhward" - blue (sky), it refers to the color of the rock.

Lapis Lazuli was used as a decorative material already in the prehistoric period, it was used to decorate objects of worship, jewelry, musical instruments, among others. harps. Today it is a very attractive, highly valued collector's, decorative or jewelery stone, often used as an accessory to jewelry. In many cultures, it is considered a sacred stone that is supposed to bring wisdom to people, turning the mind inward and giving understanding. Lapis Lazuli symbolizes the idealism, self-sacrifice, the purest and most selfless feelings that this healing stone evokes.

Rings with Lapis Lazuli in the AnKa Jewelry store

Lapis Lazuli rings in the AnKa Jewelry store are extremely tasteful and elegant, almost royal ornaments, dedicated to women who especially appreciate originality and uniqueness in jewelry. The Lapis Lazuli stone is also called the "Stone of the Gods", it is one of the oldest stones known to mankind. In the AnKa Jewelry store we use its nobility and deep color to make rings of the highest quality, these are rings with an original form and beautiful patterns. Lapis Lazuli easily recognizable thanks to its strongly blue, sometimes even navy blue color with the addition of gray-golden particles of pyrite.In our store you can find this beautiful, unique stone with the addition of silver and gold-plated elements.

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