Rings - Pearls

Pearl rings are eye-catching and elegant, they look beautiful, giving you unprecedented freshness, they are the rings that everyone will pay attention to.

Pearls and their properties

Pearls are produced by living organisms, most often by clams and oysters, living in salt and fresh waters, caught in the Persian Gulf, although they can also be found in other distant seas and oceans. They are most often formed as a result of a defensive reaction to a foreign body that has penetrated into the shell, in jewelery they are defined as a "natural product of organic origin". Depending on the temperature of the water, pearls can be distinguished between dull and shiny They are referred to as "angel's tears" because they are precious stones of organic origin, often used for making jewelery.

Pearls symbolize the best in people, i.e. wisdom, purity, innocence and honesty, which is why for centuries they have been associated with young girls and women before marriage. Pearls, due to their limited origin, balance the rhythm of our life and the hormonal balance with the cycles of the moon. Stabilization of metabolism, water-lipid balance, cleansing the body of toxins and cell renewal, including those affected by diseases, make our body function in accordance with the rhythm of changes taking place in nature, so it is worth having at least one decoration with this natural creation in your box.

Rings with pearls in the AnKa Jewelry store

Rings with pearls in the AnKa Jewelery store should be owned by every woman, nothing will give elegance like pearls, their timeless nature will allow you to add style to even the simplest of clothes. Pearl rings are always fashionable, it is one of the oldest ornaments with an aura of femininity. In our store you can find pearl rings for all occasions.

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