Rings - Pietersite

Beautiful stones in the AnKa Jewelry store do not need a unique setting, delicate silver or gold decorations will emphasize the charm of the stones in the rings, making them unique.

Pietersite as a stone in jewelry

Pietersite is a rock formed under very specific conditions, it is a transformed metamorphic rock. Its characteristic feature are streaks, its uniqueness lies in their chaotic arrangement. The appearance of pietersite depends on how dense or rare the crocidolite inserts are, which is why jewelry with this stone is so special. Pietersit was discovered accidentally by Sid Pieters in Namibia in the 70's, from which it got its name, you can distinguish its color varieties gray-blue, orange-brown or a mixture of these colors. It is mainly mined in Namibia, where the dominant blue color is, but also in China, where the orange color is more common, but the more valuable and noble variety is the Namibian one. Its attractive appearance makes it more and more used for various types of decorative materials, such as jewelry.

Pietersite rings in the AnKa Jewelry store

Pietersite rings in the AnKa Jewelry store are a desirable decoration due to the properties of the stone, the effect of delicate streaks, and attracts attention. Pietersit loves silver and gold frames, in our store we focused on highlighting this beautiful stone, which adds character and self-confidence to every woman. Pietersite rings in the AnKa Jewelry store are an extremely elegant ornament, made of high-quality 925 silver, each piece of jewelry will be different from each other, because each stone has a unique pattern. Pietersite rings are for women who are looking for unique and unique jewelry.

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