Rings - Quartz

Rings with quartz are a very durable decoration, they are perfect as everyday jewelry, but also for larger events. They are available in combination with various metals, making them the perfect accent of any outfit.

Quartz and its many color varieties

Quartz is usually transparent, but numerous admixtures mean that its color can change from white to almost black and create various types of quartz, such jewelry impresses every woman who will find jewelry with this stone according to her taste and discretion in the wide range of colors. Due to its properties, i.e. durability and scratch resistance, it is a willing material to be used in jewelry. Smoky quartz stone is very popular and willingly used due to its color, which perfectly harmonizes with any ore. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, it can be found in numerous jewelry that is truly one of a kind. Regardless of your style, rings with smoky quartz will enrich your wardrobe in a unique way and will become a decoration of any outfit.

Rings with quartz in the AnKa Jewelry store

This mineral occurs all over the world, in practically every color, which can be seen in the wide range of our store. In our store you can find rings with smoky quartz, the neutral shades of which will be an addition to any outfit, both daytime and evening. The quartz rings on the side are made of precious metals such as silver, stainless steel as well as silver plated with yellow and rose gold for more fancy occasions. Smoky quartz stone is durable, plentiful and available in a wide variety of designs in our rings, always of high quality and workmanship, eye-catching with its beautiful sheen. Choose informal and fashionable rings or sophisticated ones from AnKa Jewelry and give yourself or a loved one a gift, quartz rings in our store are available in many different designs, so choosing the right one will be easy.

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