Rings - Rose quartz

Rose quartz is considered a stone associated especially with lovers, it is used to give a gift to a loved one as a proof of love, which is supposed to bring happiness in a relationship, it can be found in our AnKa Jewelry store.

Rose quartz and its feminine nature

It is one of the few stones in this shade, just like any quartz, and also this one, it is hard, from this property its name comes from, quardy is hard in Old Slavonic, made mainly of silicon dioxide. It owes its characteristic color to admixtures of two elements: titanium and manganese, its pink color depends on their quantity and proportion. As a stone of love and beauty, it helps to build trust, faith and opens the heart to all that is beautiful, giving us gentleness and sensitizing us to beauty in music and art, poetry and painting. Rose quartz is called the "stone of artists", it also enlivens creative thinking and inspiration. It can awaken the joy of life and a feeling of happiness by surrounding us with love, tenderness and understanding. Heals, soothes and removes heart wounds that have arisen as a result of ruthlessness, brutality, disapproval and ignorance. other.

One of the most desirable varieties of quartz is rose quartz, it adds charm to any jewelry. All the rings made of milky pink quartz have unique patterns that perfectly harmonize with the feminine pastel colors of the stone, such jewelry will be an effective addition.

Rings with pink quartz in the AnKa Jewelry store

Rings with pink quartz are unique, timeless and fantastic, in the AnKa Jewelry store, in a silver setting made of high-quality 925 silver, they have many properties valuable for health and well-being. They not only phenomenally accentuate selected styles, but also blend in with other accessories, creating a well-thought-out, and sometimes avant-garde whole. Thanks to pink quartz rings, every woman can feel elegant and stylish.

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