Rings - Sapphire

Sapphire attracts attention with its interesting shade of blue, is often associated with love, which is why it is perfect for people looking for true affection, you will find it in rings in the AnKa Jewelry store.

Sapphire and its cool blue shade

Sapphire is a very hard mineral from the oxide group, it is a blue variety of corundum, it is a very rare mineral, its name comes from the Greek Sappheiros, meaning blue. Sapphire has various color variations, white, black or green, but the most popular are its blue versions, this rare mineral combines dignified coolness and deep color, so unique in rings. It is mined most often from Australia, Thailand, Madagascar or China, but the most valuable sapphires come from a country called "the kingdom of sapphires", that is Sri Lanka, those with a blue color are called Ceylon sapphires (Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon) and are considered to be particularly valuable specimens.Sapphire is the most beautiful of gemstones, it is a symbol of fidelity, honesty and truth In ancient Egypt and Rome, sapphire was worshiped as a stone of justice and truth, for centuries it was believed that sapphires bring peace and wisdom.

Rings with sapphire in the Anka Jewelery store

Sapphire rings in the AnKa Jewelry store are a noble ornament, perfectly made rings add charm to many women of all ages. Fashionably made jewelry will suit teenagers as well as mature women. Sapphire does not need any additional decorations, this beautiful stone is unique in itself, so in our store you can find large sapphires in a silver setting, such jewelry is durable and long-lasting. Jewelry with sapphire is very popular, its blue color is very universal, so it will suit many occasions, it goes well with both silver and gold, it will also match most clothes in terms of color. Jewelry with sapphire from our store is a very good gift idea for a beloved woman, they perfectly emphasize the female beauty, and their great quality amazes everyone.

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