Rings - Tiger's eye

The silver ring with a tiger's eye in the AnKa Jewelry store impresses with its design and modest elegance, silver rings with a simple form will delight every woman, and the oval stone will suit every occasion.

Tiger's eye as a unique decoration

Tiger's eye is a variety of quartz, it has a golden or golden brown color. It is an attractive and popular collector's and decorative stone, it is perfect for various jewelry accessories, such as rings. Its hallmark is the characteristic flickering stripes, which is why jewelry with this stone is so original. The shining effect in the case of a tiger's eye is provided by common tremolite fibers embedded in quartz, as well as less common crocidolites.

Tiger's eye is a stone for allergy sufferers, it alleviates its symptoms, inflammation of the respiratory tract, sharpens eyesight, has a good effect on the digestive system. I give strength, broaden horizons, support new projects, help in fear, worry and confusion.

Rings with a tiger's eye in the AnKa Jewelry store

Silver rings are a popular ornament that has accompanied women for centuries. In our store you can find silver rings with a tiger's eye in a simple form, and the oval stone will delight with its pattern and modest elegance. The AnKa Jewelry store is characterized by precision of workmanship and good taste, ideally suited to women of all ages. Jewelry with the presence of a tiger's eye stone is more than a classic accessory, a silver ring with this stone will delight many women looking for stylish and original decorations, it is a great idea to give it to a loved one.

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