Silver bracelets with amber

Amber, as a noble raw material, has been used in jewelery for a long time. Jewelry made with it is very universal due to its beautiful color. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find beautiful amber bracelets that will surely stay with you for longer.

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Avant-garde amber in jewelry - amber bracelets

Amber, made from the resin of coniferous trees, enchants with its appearance. Obtaining colors from dark brown to yellow. For centuries it has been a stone used in jewelery and natural medicine. Amber in jewelry is also perfect in a classic and unusual variety, for example, when used in amber bracelets, it fits beautifully. Such jewelry is associated with Poland, because in the Pomeranian region alone there are over 1,000 companies that manufacture amber jewelry, and Gdańsk hosts the largest international amber fair in the world. Amber jewelery has very attractive prices and is suitable for every outfit in our wardrobe.

Amber, in which succinic acid is contained, allows you to feel better and reduces rheumatic pains. It is a symbol of success. It has cleansing properties and affects the entire body. It helps in such ailments as problems with the thyroid gland, asthma and metabolism. As an amulet, it protects against negative energy.

Bracelets with amber - in the AnKa Jewelry store

Amber bracelets are an accessory that cannot be denied. In our AnKa Jewelery store we have a large selection that you will surely like. Great jewelry that will look beautiful in any outfit and circumstances. As a gift for a loved one, it will also be appropriate. Amber bracelets are perfect for women who value timeless beauty.

Amber, as well as other natural stones, should be taken care of so that they do not become dull over time and do not lose their shine. The stone is best cleaned dry, either with soapy water or spirit. An amber bracelet and other jewelery with this stone are best kept separately. Avoid contact with water, household cleaners and perfumes.

Amber silver bracelets, also known as amber, are a stone associated with the Baltic Sea. Made of organic substances, it beautifully adorns contemporary jewelery. This stone looks great in both modern and classic styles. Silver bracelets with amber in our store are available in silver, gold and on rubber. In some of them, amber is combined with other stones. You can choose a minimalist model perfect for everyday use or a very decorative bracelet that will be a perfect complement to your evening outfit.