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This silver jewelry is amazing, I have never heard of the properties of this stone so I was surprised by the change in its color. Beautifully set stones and beautiful decorations with marcasites.

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Silver jewelry with SULTANITE and marcasites

Silver jewelry with SULTANITE and marcasites

Silver jewelry with SULTANITE and marcasites


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No. Product: 220.76kpl

Silver pr. 925

Silver refinement: oxidized

Stones: sultanite, marcasites


Pendant weight ~ 2,4 g
Pendant length: 3 cm
Pendant width: up to 1 cm


Weight of earrings ~ 4.9 g
Earrings dimensions - length 1.5 cm x width up to 1 cm
Earring fastening type - English

Free packaging for the set - in the photo.

The stone changes colors depending on the type and angle of incidence of light
- it has a different color in daylight and a different color indoors. Zultanite can change color several times a day.

A unique feature of zultaniów is the color change depending on the lighting. In daylight, zultanites are green-olive, while in artificial light they acquire a reddish hue.

Sometimes the colors even interpenetrate and it is impossible to clearly define what the color is at a given moment.

The photo shows a pendant with a diamond rhodium-plated ball chain - available in the AnKa store.

  • ore: silver
  • Stone: marcasite, zultanite
  • Zapięcie: Angielskie


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