Stainless Steel Earring

Silver earrings made of stainless steel that we offer in our store are collections of modern and beautiful, classic and atypical and very modern products.


In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find beautiful models of earrings made of stainless steel. It is an everyday proposition for an important meeting or an important event for you. Jewelry made of stainless steel does not cause allergies, which makes the product suitable for allergy sufferers

Advantages of surgical steel

The main unique advantage of surgical steel jewelry is its hypoallergenic and lack of the required maintenance, which is the case with silver or gold. Earrings made of this material are easy to clean and are comparable to more expensive counterparts. Stainless steel, quite often called stainless steel or surgical steel, does not contain nickel, does not discolor the skin, does not corrode and does not lose color. Stainless steel earrings ensure scratch resistance and high durability. Due to the fact that the surgical steel is hypoallergenic, it can be worn by allergy sufferers, people who are struggling with various allergies or skin diseases. Earrings made of this material are perfect for the first ones right after piercing, and in fact, specialists reach for them because they are the safest solution.

Silver earrings made of stainless steel and gold models

The model of silver stainless steel earrings is an ideal proposition for everyday styling. They fit perfectly with any outfit and other jewelry items. Again, gold stainless steel earrings are a timeless model for slightly more demanding customers. They fit perfectly with business stylizations as well as those with elements of gold.

How to care for earrings made of surgical steel?

In order for the earrings to last as long as possible, they should be properly cared for. Surgical steel should be cleaned with running water or with a little soap. In the case of larger dirt, it is worth reaching for a soft brush, which you should gently wipe the earrings with. At the end, jewelery must be dried and polished with a soft material. Earrings made of surgical steel should be stored in special boxes intended for them. They protect against pollution and silicon.
Models of earrings made of surgical steel in the AnKaJewellery store

In our store's offer you will certainly find the right stainless steel earrings for yourself. We offer gold-plated and silver-plated earrings in various designs. The models of earrings guarantee uniqueness, unique shine and the highest quality of surgical steel. Many women will surely like them.