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Swarovski Elegance earrings

Swarovski Elegance earrings

Swarovski Elegance earrings


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Eye-catching earrings made of exclusive SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and silver.

Silver test: 925 rhodium plated
Weight: 4 g
Stones: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal-white
Overall length of the earrings: 6.5 cm
Company packaging. Free.

Swarovski crystal with certificate:

The new version of the most popular Swarovski earrings - lighter, smaller, more delicate. The Swarovski Crystal are smaller than the previous ones, and on the bigl there are tiny rhinestones. The new model has also been shortened from 9.5 cm to 6.5 cm

Elegant earrings made of Swarovski crystals are a perfect complement to evening creations.

With each move, earrings amazingly sparkle with the magnificent glow of Swarovski crystals.

Earrings with swarovski crystals in color - Crystal - white. Every move causes the earrings to flutter.

The Swarovski brand has been impressing its customers with a noble design and beautiful design for years. You can also afford a unique addition to the crystals of this brand today. In the offer of our Anka Jewelry online store you will find swarovski earrings. Decide for yourself whether you prefer silver or gold earrings. Our store will make every effort to get the best product.

  • ore: silver
  • Stone: Swarovski


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