Turquoise necklaces

Turquoise necklaces are jewelry for people who want to stand out from the crowd. It looks great on a woman's neckline. In our AnKa Jewelery store, models with a silver or gold finish are available.

Turquoise and its magical properties

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Turquoise called the stone of the winner or the stone of heaven. It is a symbol of generosity, honesty and dedication. It mobilizes you to be honest with yourself and helps you show the way in life. It supports creativity and stimulates the imagination. It was believed that it would save the owner from bad luck and accidents, it is especially recommended to drivers. It is referred to as the "guardian angel", when its owner falls ill, it changes its color, signaling a change to take care of health and going to a specialist. As a driver, it is worth getting a turquoise necklace or other jewelry. Turquoise symbolizes internal energy and vitality. Turquoise necklaces are the perfect choice for brave and strong women. China and Tibet in ancient times attributed many health properties to turquoise, among others in upper respiratory tract infections or eye diseases. They also claimed to ward off negative energy, making man more energetic, lively and enthusiastic. These beliefs made turquoise the national stone of Tibet and China.

Turquoise necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with turquoise can be an excellent gift for any occasion. Turquoise necklaces are fashionable regardless of the season. Owned and worn by a woman appreciated from every angle. The stone is associated with holidays, heat, ocean and sun. His appearance evokes nice and good memories. Turquoise is credited with exceedingly fortunate properties. It is an amulet whose magical power has been appreciated for centuries. AnKa Jewelery offers elegant patterns of turquoise necklaces that you will surely like. It will also be a nice and original gift idea for a loved one. Turquoise necklaces in our store are primarily characterized by good style and the best quality of turquoise used in jewelry.

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