Silver amber rings are original jewelery that looks phenomenal. In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find beautiful amber jewelery that will surely stay with you for longer.

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Amber - the beauty of the Baltic Sea

The name "amber" comes from the German Bernstein, which means "stone that burns". They appear in deposits in the Gulf of Gdańsk, at the base of Hel, and in the Lublin region. It lies at a depth of several to 150 meters.

Amber has succinic acid in it, so it has a healing substance. It is found in the greatest amount in the cortex, i.e. in its outer layer. In folk medicine, the smoke of amber sticks was used to kill germs, and the beads around the neck prevent sore throats and headaches and strengthen the thyroid gland. Worn as a jewelery decoration in the form of a silver ring with amber, it will add positive energy and improve the well-being of its owner.

The most sought-after amber in jewelry is Baltic amber. It is a mine of resin that developed in natural substrates 45 million years ago.

Amber comes in a variety of colors: from the most valued colors of white, through shades of yellow and brown to red. There is also blue, greenish and black. It has inclusions in the form of insects, small amphibians, plant debris, sand grains or gas bubbles.

Silver rings with amber in the AnKa Jewelry store

Silver amber rings are universal, but also original. They are perfect for women who appreciate timeless beauty. In our AnKa store we have a wide selection of this jewelry.

However, you should remember to avoid contact of amber with water, even when washing your hands, take off the amber ring. Store separately in a bag. If the amber is not cared for, it may become dull with time and lose its charm and shine.

Silver amber rings stand out from others with their color and beautiful natural patterns. Amber is unique because there is a very small probability of finding another one of the same kind.

We offer silver rings with Baltic amber.