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Silver, as well as gold, is the most typical material from which jewelery is made from ancient times until today, in the rich offer of our store we have silver, gold-plated silver, gold-plated silver, gold, as well as stainless steel, a wide selection assortment will encourage everyone to buy.

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Silver in AnKa Jewelry

In our store, we use high-quality 925 silver for the production of earrings, it is a metal that fits perfectly with various types of precious or semi-precious stones. In our store you will find earrings with various designs, from classic to extravagant, and each made with the best care and precision. By purchasing from AnKa Jewelery, you have a full quality guarantee of your precious metal products.

Gold plated silver in our store

Looking for a cheaper alternative to gold, due to the price, gold-plated silver was discovered, which gives an equally beautiful visual effect, used in our store is a great imitation of gold. It is a beautiful creation, easy to work with and much cheaper than gold, but you have to remember that it will never be as perfect as gold and it will never replace it, but our earrings are made with great care and the highest quality.

Gold for lovers of beauty

Gold played an important role in the history of mankind, its color and shine have fascinated people for centuries, in ancient times gold was considered the noblest metal due to its durability and aesthetic value, which is why it has become an excellent material used in jewelry, also in the AnKa Jewelry store. Gold has one disadvantage, it is expensive, but its chemical volume makes it unaffected by time, which is why our jewelery is so durable and beautiful and will serve you for many years.

Original earrings made of rose gold

Rose gold is not very popular, but it is a beautiful metal, from which beautiful and stylish earrings were made in our store, which perfectly emphasize the beauty and outfit. Rose gold suits all types of beauty and people of all ages.

Durable stainless steel jewelry in our store

Stainless steel is an ideal material for allergy sufferers, earrings in our store are made for health and beauty for such people, because they do not contain nickel, so they are safe. Stainless steel earrings are durable and less prone to mechanical damage, so they are a great alternative to soft silver, but they look aesthetically and do not lose their beauty, you can find them in our store.