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Bracelets - Onyx

Bracelets decorate the wrists of women all over the world, they won their hearts with their simple, unobtrusive form of ornaments.

Bracelets with onyx at AnKa Jewelry

An increasingly popular pattern of bracelets are those resembling a rosary. Original onyx bracelets can be found in our store, they are timeless jewelry, they will suit any style. Onyx is a type of stone that perfectly fits both daytime and evening styles. Lovers of delicate, minimalist jewelry will love onyx for its charm and simplicity. Black goes well with everything, you can also combine bracelets with other jewelry and they will still look effective.

Properties of onyx

Onyx is a gemstone known since ancient times that symbolizes strength and power. It is an ideal stone for people who often face stressful situations. It is worth having it with you if you have problems making difficult decisions. Onyx is also known to give strength to people who are exposed to emotional and mental stress, so it's worth having jewelry with this stone.

Jewelry in our store

The bracelet is an unusual ornament of a woman's hand, in our store you will find a large selection of silver, gold-plated jewelry with a beautiful onyx. Each bracelet is made of high-quality 925 silver, and our jewelry is packed in decorative boxes that are perfect for a gift, you will also find discreet ones that can be worn every day.