gift voucher 

In our AnKa Jewelery store, we offer purchase of shopping vouchers worth PLN 100, PLN 250 or PLN 500. It is a good gift idea when we do not know what jewelry or a souvenir to buy for a specific occasion.

gift voucher

Aesthetic jewelry can say more than a thousand words. It is thanks to her that you have the opportunity to show the recipient your devotion, love and sympathy. Elegant necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets always make your face laugh and are the perfect gift idea. Even when you do not know exactly what jewelry to choose for a gift - gift vouchers are the perfect solution.

By choosing a jewelry gift voucher, you are guaranteed to give your loved one what they have dreamed of for a long time. Our gift vouchers can be exchanged for any products from the AnKa Jewelery range. Each gift voucher is decorated with a company logo and an original pattern, which makes it look very elegant.

A gift voucher is a universal solution

Gift vouchers for jewelry ensure that the surprise you give will be the right one. When you do not want to decide what jewelry to give to a loved one - gift vouchers will be the best solution. This type of gift will mean that the gifted person will not be disappointed with improperly selected earrings or other jewelry.

Give a gift voucher for any occasion and let your loved one choose freely the right jewelry or other souvenir. In our AnKa Jewelery store, we have vouchers with a nominal value of PLN 100, PLN 250 and PLN 500.

Each piece of jewelry is original in its own way and is the best gift idea. There is probably no need to convince anyone about this fact. Such a gift stays with the gifted person for many years and can accompany them in the most important moments of life. Jewelry in our AnKa Jewelry store has a wide selection that will quench the thirst of all women.

We invite you to purchase gift vouchers, thanks to which the person chosen by you will buy any jewelry for you in our AnKa Jewelry store.

Give as a gift a discount coupon worth PLN 100 or PLN 250 or PLN 500. After entering this coupon, the recipient will get a discount for the purchase of silver jewelry or souvenirs or other products available on the store's website.

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