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These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall exclude or limit the rights of the consumer under mandatory provisions that can not be amended or repealed by agreement.

Chapter 1 Preliminary provisions.

§ 1

1. These rules (Rules) set of rules for the website (Online Store of Jewelry), and the conclusion and performance of contracts, sales through the online store of silver jewelry and governs your use of the Online Store of Jewelry in an exclusive way, provided that the applicable provisions of Rules excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. It does not apply to goods purchased Anka Jewelry in a different mode than with a jewelry shop.

2. Online Store of Jewelry is led by: Anka Jewelry based in Poznan on the person. Republic 50/3, in the register maintained by the City of Poznań Department of Economic Activities under Regon 369027763.

3. The condition for the Jewelry Online Shop with the prior approval of the Regulations and the commitment to comply with all the rules contained therein. Customer agrees and, in particular, by placing an order.

4. Because of Jewelry online store, the sales contract may use any natural person with full capacity to act, which will log in to the use of Jewelry online store.

5. Terms and Conditions apply only to the consumer, within the meaning of applicable law.

6. All promotions, including the Jewelry Online Store does not combine with any other promotions used by Anka Jewelry. The customer can use only one promotion, unless the regulations explicitly provide for the possibility of promoting joint use of some promotion. By promotion means any better than standard network Anka Jewelry conditions.

7. Goods (jewelery) have specific characteristics that should be considered when purchasing by reading the product description:

            1) Each of the products is unique and slightly different from the other units, which also applies to individual items of goods (precious stones) and their dimensions,

            2) The goods are mostly small in size, and the images presented in the Jewelry Online Store are informative (do not reflect their actual size)

            3) The differences in the appearance of the products resulting from the customer's hardware settings (such as the color of the goods, the proportion of goods, etc.) do not give rise to claim the purchased goods.

8. Any information on the Internet Store Jewelry and handling of issues related to the Online Store of Jewelry can be obtained: phone 605 463 493 or e-mail

Conclusion Chapter 2.

§ 2 of the General Provisions

1. The contents of the Jewelry Online Store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but merely an invitation to negotiate.

2. Anka Jewelry reserves the right to change products and prices of products offered by online store of Jewelry and conduct and dismissal of all kinds of promotional and sales. The price of each commodity is binding upon acceptance of the order by Anka Jewelry.

3. Product properties are described in detail in the specification.

4. All prices are quoted in the Polish zloty and include VAT but exclude shipping costs.

5. In case of contract for an amount exceeding 300 zł Anka Jewelry incur one-time costs of transport to a location specified by the customer in the Republic.

6. Anka Jewelry does not accept any shipments sent at his own expense, without the prior written consent.

§ 3 Ordering

1. The basic condition for the purchase of goods from the Jewelry Online Store is to log out, then fill in the correct order on the and send it through the online store for Jewelry Jewelry cup.

Second Customer completing the order form and sending it to the cup Jewellery made a purchase of goods within the meaning of the Civil Code.

3. Customer is obliged to fill out the form correctly, it is complementing all the boxes and providing information in accordance with reality.

4. Anka Jewelry Customer confirms by sending e-mail to the address indicated in the order received order (confirmation), but confirmation is not a confirmation of acceptance of the offer.

5. Orders can be placed around the clock. The customer is the tender contained in the contract for 10 days from the date of its transfer to Anka Jewelry, the time of delivery cup Jewelry Customer Offer is calculated:

            1) if the confirmation will be sent to the Client on a business day between the hours. And 7.30 hours. 15.30 a Customer shall be deemed made on the same day,

            2) if the confirmation will be sent to the Customer at a different time than indicated above in point 1) offer the Customer shall be deemed to have been made on the first working day following the date of dispatch confirmation.

Business Day is a day from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

6. Each Goods is a separate order.

§ 4 Receiving orders

1. To conclude the sale of goods specified in the contract occurs when the order by Anka Jewelry (adoption).

2. Adoption is made by Anka Jewelry, if within the bid validity specified in § 3. 5 point 1) did not inform you of the unavailability of a product or a different price (email or phone), and the customer has paid the price. If the price has not been paid, and Anka Jewelry failed to confirm the order by the Customer (email or phone), the order is not carried out, and after 14 days will be canceled).

3. Anka Jewelry is not obliged to make the adoption prior to the payment rates, except for payment "cash on delivery".

4. Anka Jewelry reserves the right to refuse an order of very his doubts, including those in which the form is not completed or completed incorrectly, especially if there is no phone number or e-mail address or whose performance has become impossible due to price changes or unavailability of goods.

§ 5 Changes and cancellation of orders

1. Anka Jewelry reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in the absence of the possibility of its implementation, in particular, subject to further provisions of this paragraph. In the case referred to in the preceding sentence, Anka Jewelry promptly notify the Customer and the Customer will pay everything for Client witness Anka Jewelry, unless the client will choose another product.

            1) The order is carried out, provided that the goods are available,

            2) Sales promotion includes only a limited number of goods and execution of orders is in the order of orders, while the stocks covered by this form of selling.

2. The customer can make changes to the contract or cancel the order by sending an email through the Jewelry Online Shop or by calling Anka Jewelry at No 605 493 to 463 at the start of the contract (execution), subject to paragraph. 3 below.

3. Parties in accordance exclude the possibility of amending or revoking the order by the customer for goods made to individual order or engraving is done on the basis of data provided by the Customer or marked "custom" in the Online Store of Jewelry.

4. Anka Jewelry is launching:

            1) with respect to goods covered by the online store of jewelry as "available" - the amount available in the online store of jewelry, upon delivery of goods for shipment,

            2) in respect of goods other than "available", on their order by Anka Jewelry manufacturer or accede to their production, which is jewelry made Anka activities simultaneously with the confirmation.

Chapter 3 Implementation Agreements.

§ 6 and the term of the invoice

First Anka Jewelry execute contract within the time specified for the product in the Online Store of Jewelry, calculated in business days. This period is a time of the product, which you can increase the delivery time, counted from the date of adoption. At the same time if you have placed multiple orders for goods with different run-time, they will be sent, including the completion of a whole, ie, after the longest of these.

Second Under the current rules for each order is issued as required by the provisions of the relevant document confirming the transaction - a VAT invoice or receipt. - No later than the date of dispatch of the goods.

§ 7 Payment

Customer pays the price for the ordered goods at its own discretion when ordering - by using the payment methods indicated in the Online Store of Jewelry Jewelry directly by the cup or an entity acting on behalf of Anka Jewelry.

§ 8 Receiving the shipment

First Items are delivered via courier or indicated by the Polish Post Anka Jewelry. Placing an order constitutes acceptance of the conditions of service are available here. Jewelry Anka pay compensation for the delivery of the goods the standard delivery and custom costs, such as increased shipping rate for "COD" - in the amount specified in the order, the client.

Second Upon receiving the package customer is required before taking delivery, courier or in the presence of the Polish Post:

            1) check the overall condition of the package, the package is not violated,

            2) if the consignment is intact and packaging Jewelry Anka open the package and check its contents is in accordance with the contract and whether the goods are not damaged, if necessary, write the protocol in the presence of the courier or postman and immediately contact your dealer.

3 Client if it finds that:

            1) shipment is packaged differently than in the manner described in paragraph. 3 point 1) of this section or

            2) the packaging is damaged or

            3) The contents of the shipment does not comply with the order or

            4) the goods are damaged shall refuse to receive the goods, write the protocol in the presence of the courier or postman, and as soon as possible contact Anka jewelry through the online store of jewelry, failing which the goods have been delivered to the Customer that it complies with the agreement.

5 The risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to the customer upon receipt of delivery.

6 Checking the shipment upon receipt and preparation of the written acceptance protocol in the presence of the courier or postman is the basis for the complaint about the non-conformity with the Agreement.

7 If the customer stops unjustified reasons Goods received by 10 days, Anka Jewelry considers that the customer has exercised the right to withdraw from the contract and pay him the amount levied in accordance with the principles of reimbursement, as indicated in the rules.

Chapter 4 Consumer Rights.

§ 9 Termination of the contract

First In accordance with Article. 7 paragraph 1 of the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights Customer may, within 10 days to cancel the contract Anka Jewelry making a statement.

            1) At the same time making the statement the consumer is obliged to return the goods in the same state, that is:

                        must be a product of the factory packaging together with proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.)

                        b the cost of returning of the goods covered by the customer,

                        c price will be credited to Customer's account from which the payment was made or to which it is assigned a card, upon receipt of all items listed above, delivery within 14 days. Return shipping costs incurred by the customer are not refunded.

            3) The term ten, in which the consumer may cancel the contract, calculated from the date of confirmation of delivery.

Second The right of withdrawal shall not be entitled to the Customer in cases of goods with the characteristics specified by the consumer in his contract, or closely associated with his person, for example, bearing the engraved or imported on request.

3 Anka Jewelry is not responsible for any damage to goods in transit transactions carried out on behalf of the client.

4 If the Customer shall return the Goods to which the return is not authorized or that are not in the same state, or without paying shipping, or otherwise does not meet the requirements of an effective withdrawal Anka Jewelry reserves the right to refuse the return of the Goods and refusing to return the price or the load 's reasonable costs to the extent permitted by applicable law.

§ 10 claims

First The customer has the right to submit complaints by. laws.

Second The complaint made by her:

First message along with the defective merchandise (as indicated in the next sentence) and a confirmation of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.) to Anka Jewelry at address: 61-394 Poznan, pers. Republic 50/3. Anka Jewelry provides the ability to receive the advertised goods from the Customer by the Courier indicated by Anka Jewelry at the address given by the customer within three working days, excluding the date of declaration of the date of notification by the customer Jewelry Anka purpose of sending the goods. Anka Jewelry does not require you to use the Courier, the Customer informs only that for the transportation of products from metals or precious stones are special - much higher than normal shipments - rates of transport, or

Second transfer with the advertised goods and confirmation of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.) to the seat AnKaBizuteria.

3rd Jewelry Anka covers the costs of legitimate claims, to the extent required by applicable law, subject to the next sentence. Jewelry Anka cover shipping costs to the rates specified in paragraph Courier. 3 of this section, as determined in a cooperation agreement for the Anka Jewelry.

4 Anka Jewelry is not responsible for any damage to goods in transit transactions carried out on behalf of the client.

Chapter 5 Legal

§ 11 of the Personal Data

First The client by sending a consent order to collect their personal data by Anka Jewelry based in Poznań os. Republic 50/3, for purposes relating to the conclusion and execution of the contract of sale of goods contracts to be concluded by the adoption and processing for the needs of the Agreement, and if she agrees with the form, also for marketing and promotional purposes in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883).

Second Data related to the conclusion of the Agreement, to which you do not agree to the collection and processing for marketing and promotional purposes, will be removed on the day on which Anka Jewelry learns of failure to the Customer the right to withdraw from the Agreement.

3. The consent referred to in paragraph 1 of this section, in the marketing and promotional purposes includes, in particular, agree to receive promotional materials in printed and electronic formats.

4. Customer represents that it has been informed of the remedies available to it under the law on personal data protection rights, in particular:

            1) The right of access to the data and update or correct,

            2) address of the registered office and the full name of the controller,

            3) the expected recipients or categories of recipients of the data, which are the only employees Anka Jewelry

            4) provide voluntary information.

§ 12 Final Provisions

First Content Rules will be made available to all customers in the seat Anka Jewelry and Jewelry Anka website:

Second Anka Jewelry reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective from the date of their publication on the website Anka Jewelry, the change does not apply to contracts made before the amendment of the Rules, which are implemented on the existing terms and conditions, unless the customer requests the order of the revised terms of the Regulations.

3. In the event of a conflict with the provisions of the Rules of mandatory provisions in lieu of the provisions of the Regulations shall apply these provisions and the remainder of the Rules remains in effect.

4. Disputes arising in the performance of the purchase contract will be settled by the court.