Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite earrings in the AnKa Jewelry store delight with their versatility and the glow of the stone. Models are available in a more delicate version, as well as for special occasions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment.

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Marquite in jewelry

The name "marcasite" comes from the Arabic word "pyrite". It is a unique and appreciated stone that has been used in jewelery since ancient times. Marquettes dazzle with a unique, metallic glow. They delight with their uniqueness. They became the favorite natural stones of strong women - they were adored by Queen Victoria, and Cleopatra believed that marcasites would give her lasting beauty. Marcasite earrings add femininity and elegance.

Marcasite earrings must not come into contact with water, which should be borne in mind when taking a bath or swimming pool. Store them preferably in a separate box without contact with other stones, rolled up in a piece of soft cloth. Cleaning only with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth, gently rubbing the stone.

The power of marcasite earrings

The stone allows for honesty and openness in communication with other people. If you are an uncertain and indecisive person, marcasite earrings are suitable for you. They will certainly help you make the right decisions and increase self-confidence. Marasite is worth touching often. It allows for rational action, improves memory and concentration. It removes all bad emotions, i.e. frustration, impatience or inner anxiety. Thanks to the stone, we can notice our own defects that we can change and the stone can also help us in this.

When it comes to its health properties, marcasite helps to regulate the hormonal cycle and supports painful menstruation. It is perfect for people who have quit smoking. It cleans the lungs and spleen, increases the supply of oxygen to the circulatory system. It helps with bacterial and viral infections.

The stone, as an amulet, strengthens physical strength and allows you to recover energy after an illness. It eliminates unnecessary thoughts and focuses us on what is important.

Earrings with marcasite delight with the multitude of designs.

This is possible due to the versatility of marcasite, which can stand alone or in the company of other ornaments. This unique stone with a metallic glow was already appreciated by Cleopatra and continues to enjoy unflagging popularity today. It adorns both silver and gold earrings. In our offer you will find it in long hanging models that will perfectly complement your evening outfits. You can also choose delicate women's earrings in the form of studs, which are a delicate, everyday decoration.