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In this category you will find trendy, timeless jewelry, classic and elegance. You can choose from natural stone beads such as onyx, amber, turquoise, coral, smoky quartz, agate, jade, serpentinite, prahimite and others. Corals are jewelry in which it is always worth investing because they are passed down from generation to generation, especially from silver and natural stones. Remember the sentence from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany: "For less than 10 thousand dollars I do not get up from bed"? - if you get up, look like a diwa!

Corals for women.

Corals are the domain of women, that's why the corals presented by us are suitable for everyday use as well as for exceptional exits. The coral necklaces are undoubtedly timeless, and women have adorned them hundreds of years ago. The jewelery offered in our store is characterized by exceptional durability and unique appearance.