Bracelets - Tiger's eye

Bracelets with a tiger's eye will complete any stylization, they can express a unique personality and a unique feminine style, bracelets at AnKa Jewelry captivate with their rich design, high quality and attention to every detail.

Tiger's eye in silver jewelry

Tiger's eye is a type of quartz, it has a golden or golden brown color, it also has a cat's eye effect, i.e. as the stone is moved, we can observe a shifting light strand. It is one of the shimmering varieties of quartz, it is an opaque mineral, a semi-precious stone, characterized by speckled spots.

Tiger's eye is found in Australia, South Africa, the USA, Mexico, Russia, India and Burma, as well as in Madagascar, has properties that affect the psyche, improves mood, also heals depressive states, protects against toxic people, strengthens self-confidence in people who are shy and shy.

The play of tiger eye colors also has a stimulating effect, stimulates work on emotions, energizes the body, brings joy, satisfaction and relieves anxiety.

Tiger's eye has a number of healing properties, it brings relief from colds, it also soothes asthma and inflammation, and irritation of the upper respiratory tract. It sharpens eyesight, especially helpful for allergy sufferers. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire human digestive system, especially on the pancreas, liver and kidneys. It dismisses negative thoughts, reduces the body's fatigue, and also has the power to fight bacterial infections.

Tiger's eye is a popular collector's and decorative stone, most often used for the production of small decorative accessories, as well as everyday items, such as boxes. Due to its color qualities, it is sometimes used as a jewelery stone.

Bracelets with a tiger's eye in the AnKa Jewelry store

Bracelets with a tiger's eye are not only a beautiful decoration, but also a real talisman. The attractive appearance of the stone has become a popular element of women's and men's jewelry around the world. Bracelets in the AnKa Jewelry store are classic and elegant jewelry that will delight many people with their appearance. The colorful reflections of the stone give our bracelet a unique look, each bracelet is different, unique.