bracelets with howlite

Beautiful and original bracelets with howlite is a proposal that surprises with its form and workmanship, it is a proposal for demanding women looking for unusual accessories.

Howlite and its properties

Howlite is a rare mineral belonging to the group of silicates, it is a milky white stone, matte or slightly glassy, ​​often interspersed with black or dark brown veins. It also occurs as a clear crystal, but this is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Howlite is often dyed due to its porous structure, because thanks to this it is extremely susceptible to dyes, the pigment then easily penetrates the structure of the mineral. It is used to imitate other stones, especially turquoise, so it is available in many colors, and its greenish and blue shades are very desirable, so it is a great substitute for other stones, giving it any color.

Very large amounts of this mineral are mined especially in Canada and the USA, despite its high softness, it is used for decorative and jewelery products.

It is a stone that stimulates the imagination, it is supposed to bring happiness and success, it is said that it strengthens responsibility, the sense of observation, patience and tact, helps to overcome problems with falling asleep. It is a stone of memory, knowledge and development.

Bracelets with howlite in the AnKa Jewelery store

Bracelets with howlite in the AnKa Jewelry store are an accessory that will wonderfully emphasize a woman's hand, ensuring comfort and an impressive look, regardless of the situation. These beautiful bracelets will surely satisfy women of all ages, they will be a stylish accessory matching many outfits.

It is also worth appreciating the value of holovite, it is often a substitute for expensive stones and enjoys its unique and interesting appearance, thanks to its wide range of shapes and colors it will be an attractive accessory for any occasion.