Grzebień do włosów  z kryształkami - bardzo modny w tym sezonie. View larger



Auf dem Bild sieht es gut aus, der Preis hat mich auch gereizt, denn überall, wo ich hinschaute, lagen die Preise bei 100 PLN, deshalb habe ich mich für den Kauf entschieden. Ich war überrascht, nachdem ich das Paket erhalten hatte, weil ich nicht dachte, dass es so schön sein würde, es schimmert wunderschön, obwohl der Kamm nicht silberfarben ist, aber es ist es wirklich wert.


In the picture it looks nice, I was also tempted by the price because everywhere I was looking the price was around PLN 100, that s why I decided to buy. I was surprised after receiving the package because I did not think it would be so beautiful, it shimmers beautifully, although the comb is not silver, but it is really worth it.

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A hair comb with crystals - very fashionable this season.

A hair comb with crystals - very fashionable this season.

A hair comb with crystals - very fashionable this season.


Price (tax incl.):

48,00 zł

+ Shipping cost

Hair comb with crystals.

Length of decorations: 6 cm / width of decorations 2 cm

The length of the comb is 3.5 cm

Barrette is slightly curved "in the arch" so that it fits well.

We recommend a bracelet, earrings and necklace for the set.

Jewelry does not contain nickel and the technology of galvanic coatings is of the highest quality.

We send the crumbs packed in a decorative box.

Hair stylists have recently taken a liking for themselves - the jewelery exchange of roles. A simple idea was used this season for development

gala images of stars. You can dazzle like them! Grzebyk can be successfully pinned in the hair as an addition to the wedding styling and to the simple coca pin for other exits. For jewelery hairstyles, the simple hairstyle is the most appropriate. There's no need

to make competition for such beautiful crystals.

  • ore: galvanized metal
  • Stone: cubic zirconia


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