Bracelets - Jade

Bracelets with jade are perfect for lovers of stylish accessories in jewelry. Jadeite is especially popular because it comes in many color versions.

Jadeite and its properties

Jadeite is formed under the influence of high pressure of aluminum silicate and is considered a rare variety of quartz, its largest producer is Burma and it is the most desirable, although its deposits can also be found in California.

Despite the many color variations, jade is easy to recognize, its surface reflects light in a characteristic glassy or pearly way. The color of the jade can be uniform or interspersed with milky stripes, it is most often translucent or transparent.

Jadeite is recognized in many different cultures, it is a natural stone, its importance, properties, unique appearance and operation made it once more valued than gold.

Jadeite also has health and protective properties, it is recommended for diabetes, strengthens blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, it also has a beneficial effect on the heart, kidneys, bladder, is expected to alleviate digestive disorders and colic. It also affects neuralgia, shingles, flu, herpes, and jaundice.

It helps in childbirth, strengthens the immune systems, relaxes, has a soothing and calming effect, helps in falling asleep. It also protects against accidents, extends life, refreshes feelings, and contains three important micronutrients, such as iron, magnesium, and calcium.

The magic of jade is also present in astrology, where the stone means power and fortune, it is believed that it endows its owner with a cunning that helps to obtain help from other people and achieve success in all areas of life.

Jade bracelets in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jade bracelets in the AnKa Jewelry store are made of high-quality 925 silver, this modern design will be an ideal proposition for young women who follow fashion, as well as for those slightly older who like to look great in any situation. The current fashion allows you to combine jewelry with colorful watches or other accessories from various collections, we create modern trends ourselves, because each of us wants to be original, to be different from other women. Modest, yet subtle bracelets with delicate pendants and beautiful jade can be perfectly combined with any styling, giving it an unobtrusive character.