Bracelets - Lapis lazuli

Bracelets with fashionable stones such as lapis lazuli reach both girls, women full of passion, lovers of classics, as well as timeless beauty, in line with current trends.

Precious lapis lazuli stone

Lapis lazuli is a metamorphic rock, formed as a result of transformations, its main ingredient is lapis lazuli, a mineral from the group of silicates, belonging to the group of feldspar. Its name comes from the Latin "lapis" - stone, the Arabic "azul" and the Persian "lazhward" - heaven, it refers to the color of the rock.

Its coloring substance is sulfur, the most valuable ones have an evenly distributed color, it has a fine-grained and dense texture, it is a very attractive and valued gemstone.

It is a stone valued for thousands of years, it is a combination of lapis lapis, calcite and pyrite, it also has a number of health properties, it heals fever, epilepsy, headaches and insomnia, it also supports circulation and relieves swelling.

 Lapis lazuli is a symbol of idealism and selflessness, it evokes the purest and most disinterested feelings. It brings optimism, soothes anxiety, brings relief and relaxation. Lapis lazuli helps to remove negative thoughts, strengthens self-confidence.

It helps us express our emotions in a consistent way that is truthful, but also respectful of others. It activates the feeling of unity and connection with the whole world and everything that surrounds us. It helps us express ourselves and communicate with the outside world, it is especially helpful for people who lack self-confidence, allows us to overcome their barriers and perfectly supports expressing ourselves in the world.

Bracelets with lapis lazuli stone

Lapis lazuli and bracelets made with it are remarkable jewelry that gives a spectacular, extremely elegant image. The unique bracelets in the AnKa Jewelery store complement the styling of every woman who expects classic, elegance and uniqueness from jewelry. The lapis lazuli bracelets have been made with the utmost care and attention to every detail, they will look great in combination with many styles. Elegant, extremely tasteful bracelets are a proposal for the most demanding women, the depth of color and extraordinary properties of the stones make them popular, and such a stone will add charm and style to a woman of all ages for any occasion.