Bracelets - Ruby

Jewelry with a red ruby ​​is very popular among people looking for effective accessories, it symbolizes love and passion, makes everyday styling transform into an original creation.

Precious ruby ​​stone in a new version

Ruby is a type of corundum, it ranges in color from pink to blood red, it is a rare mineral from the group of oxides. It is a precious stone with various inclusions, their type indicates the origin of the stone, its color saturation depends on the admixtures of chromium - red, vanadium-purple and iron, thanks to which it becomes brown-red. Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones, and gemstones that exhibit asterism are especially sought after, caused by rutile needle-shaped inflorescences, which are rare.

Mined mainly in aluminum-rich metamorphic rocks, it occurs in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as in Poland, mainly in Lower Silesia.

Ruby attracts positive energy and is considered a strong amulet to protect against misfortune, it is considered a "stone of abundance and dynamism", it is a mineral that has the strongest impact on many spheres of life at once. life, restores passions, willingness to act, rebuilds faith and optimism.

Ruby is considered a stone of passionate love, it is perfect for the treatment of anemia, because it cleans the blood, which benefits the liver, and has a beneficial effect on the brain. It can soothe back pain, soothes ailments and eye fatigue, strengthens the body's immunity, stimulating the immune system. Ruby also affects the faster regeneration of the body after diseases, especially after a heart attack.

Bracelets with ruby ​​in the AnKa Jewelry store

Ruby is considered a jewel of kings, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, in our store you will find bracelets with this beautiful stone for every woman who wants to stand out from the crowd and feel like a princess. Bracelets from our store are eagerly chosen, perfect as a gift for a loved one, they express the depth of feeling, ruby ​​is a stone of love after all.

Bracelets with ruby ​​in the AnKa Jewelry store are exclusive jewelry, in our store you can often find a combination of ruby ​​with emeralds and sapphires, because it combines perfectly with other precious stones, delighting with a wonderful combination of colors.