Bracelets - Sapphire

The bracelet is an ornament that not everyone appreciates, in the AnKa Jewelry store you can find beautiful and original sapphire bracelets that will captivate even the most resistant to this part of jewelry, help diversify your everyday wardrobe, but also express your own personality.

Sapphire stone properties

Sapphire is the hardest mineral right after diamond, it is corundum, its name comes from Greek and Arabic, it simply means blue stone.

It is known mainly in various shades of blue, the most valued ones have a shade of bluish cornflower, most often they come from Kashmir, Burma and Thailand. Sapphire owes its color to an admixture of iron and titanium, there are also colorless, green, pink, yellow and orange sapphires.

Sapphire is called "the stone of faith and peace of mind", it is a strong guardian stone, it encapsulates all virtues and hidden powers, being a treasury of benefits that can heal and make people happy.

For centuries it has been considered a symbol of fidelity, purity and modesty.

Sapphire also has healing properties, it is an effective antidote against all poisoning and poisoning. Sapphire is given as an antidote against poisonous snake bites.

Sapphire water has a beneficial effect against aging, washing with sapphire water also treats skin diseases.

Sapphire has many properties, such as: it calms the heartbeat, calms agitated nerves, suppresses hemorrhages, quenches fever, and worn over the heart is to protect against spells, charms, also removes chaos, delusions, eliminates difficulties, dispels doubts, gives understanding.

Bracelets with sapphire at AnKa Jewelry

Sapphires are highly valued and attractive collector's stones, they are not only mined naturally, nowadays we also get them synthetically, you will find both of these forms in our store. Sapphire is often used in jewelry, it is one of the most desirable stones for making jewelry, our jewelry was made with the requirements and needs of all lovers of beautiful ornaments in mind.